Multimodal Intelligent inteRactIon for Autonomous systeMs

Welcome to the MIRIAM project page.

MIRIAM enables operators to interrogate the AUV's actions and status in real time through natural language chat.
Natural language is intuitive and requires no memorisation of commands or traditional training.

MIRIAM builds off REGIME for report generation in-mission and post mission.


  • Collaborative decision-making where humans and machines are effective parts of the same team
  • Increase transparency between operator and autonomous system
  • Increase situation awareness
  • Reduce information overload

Related Publications

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This work is funded under under the Dstl Defence and Security Accelerator Programme for revolutionise the human information relationship for Defence (ACC101939, 2017); and under the Dstl Autonomous Systems Underpinning Research (ASUR) programme (0913_C2_Ph1 009/0913_CH2_PH2_009, 2014-2016); and the RAEng/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship Scheme (Hastie/LTSRF1617/13/37, 2017-2018).


Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information or are interested in the project.
We also provide a login to try out the simulations.

Contact: Prof. Helen Hastie
Email address: h.hastie@hw.ac.uk

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